Factory Reset

Sudden issues

Camera issues

Raspberry Pi issues

Known issues

1- On Windows 11, make sure you don’t install Xangle on your Desktop. Try to install it inside /apps or /program files instead - ref https://www.elevenforum.com/t/why-does-windows-11-now-put-desktop-on-onedrive.10110/

2- Norton 360 is known to create some serious headaches especially when working on a distributed architecture (Raspberry Pis…). It behaves differently depending on the throttling you’re applying from Xangle. Try to disable it if you have any issues

3- If you are using a custom working directory (mid 2023+) and upgraded to a December 2023+ version, you might lose your camera numbering. You can easily get it back by grabbing a copy of /config/order.json and bringing it to your current working directory

4- Picam and Arducam can not be automatically detected at the moment. You can switch from one to another from the Status panel. On the Raspberry Pi list, locate the arrow link and click on “Get detailed info”. From there, select default (picam) or 519 (arducam)

5- If you install Xangle in c:\program files, you’ll need to run the app as an Administrator