Video capture (experimental)

Video capture (MOV or MP4) is now available (experimental) inside Xangle Camera Server. It can be use for some rudimentary volumetric capture or for multi-camera filming setups

How to activate?

  • From the advanced settings, scroll down at the bottom and check “Experimental video capture mode”
  • Insert a formatted SD card in each of your cameras
  • On the dashboard, change the trigger mode to “video” and set your capture duration
notion image
Once you’re ready, simply click on the “Record” button to start filming on each camera

Custom playback using the Sequence Editor

Playback from any angles from any framerate from any duration.
Navigate to http://localhost:8091/video-sequence and add your steps to create your playback recipe. In the example below, I’m taking the first 3 seconds of recording from camera 1 (at normal speed), then I go back and forth on camera 2 for the last 3 seconds (slowed down then sped up)
notion image
Dirty demo
Video preview


  • Make sure your playback speed is at 24fps (output settings in Xangle)
  • To slow down your footage, you’ll need to record at a higher FPS (I used 60fps in my example above)


  • We’re not deleting the videos from the memory cards yet (coming up soon)
  • This works on Canon only at the moment. As an alternative, you can use SharingServer (watch folder software) to process files from RED cameras