Raspberry Pi issues

There is nothing to configure manually on a Pi, but you have to make sure that it is on the same network as your main computer running the software.
  • Make sure that all Pis are running the same image version
  • Your firewall might be preventing Xangle from seeing your Pis. Try to disable it momentarily to diagnose. If you're using McAfee, you can let Xangle going through by doing this:
    • notion image
  • A Raspberry Pi rarely fails, but a micro-sd card can easily get corrupted. It is a good idea to have a few spare cards nearby in case this happens.
  • If your main computer has more than one network interface (typically with a network cable and a wifi connection), you might have to select the right one. You can change network interface straight from the dashboard
  • From the server, you can get a list of the connected Raspberry Pis by either looking at the DHCP client list from your router settings, or, you can install MobaXterm (check in Tools / Network scanner
  • From the Pi, there's a way to see the ip address of the Pi by connecting a monitor to its hdmi port. This is going to give you this display:
notion image
  • In some cases, you might be limited to 100 Pis on your network. To fix this, go to your router setting and set a larger IP addresses pool. Change router IP and Subnet mask to get a class A or B range http://www.vlsm-calc.net/ipclasses.php (ex:,
notion image
  • If your network runs without a router, you can still manage to access the Pis.
    • You need to have your computer and the Pis on the same network
    • When you don't have a router, Windows can assign IP addresses using APIPA (reference: https://www.webopedia.com/TERM/A/APIPA.html)
    • If your computer is on a network before your turn on the Pis, you'll be on two separate networks and it's not going to work.
    • To ease the troubleshooting, go in airplane mode, restart your computer, make sure you have an IP address in the APIPA range, then turn on the Pis
  • If your Pis are disconnecting right after you're taking a picture, check for any under power issues. 
  • Avoid using PoE hats as it’s been reported by a few users to be causing under power issues. This might work with a few units, but it doesn’t appear to be a good solution for a large scale structure