Touchless triggering

Touchless sharing is great if you have an operator at your event, but what about having a full independent station where the user can control everything including the triggering? This is the new Touchless Triggering!
Available in Xangle Camera Server (pro license), this module includes these elements:
  • QR Code scan (Start session)
  • Trigger (with countdown)
  • Accept or reject picture/video
  • Share by email
Admin options
  • End session: terminate the current session to go back to the QR code
  • Timeout: how many seconds before the participant receives a timeout warning
  • Number of allowed shots: let your participants take multiple shots within the same session
  • Default countdown time: number of seconds before the shot gets taken. The countdown is shown both on the smartphone and on the computer
  • UI: colors, background, header image
Configuration: none. We take care of everything. We have a light-weight web server that we use only to transit the data (the form) from your local server to the participant’s smartphone. Then the sharing details (email address and custom fields) are sent back the same way. The final email is still being sent by your local machine (through your Sendgrid account)
Video preview
Video preview