Touchless sharing

What is it?

The new Touchless Sharing is a module that allows your participants to retrieve the output videos / photos from their smartphone without having to touch your sharing station. It works with a relay server which requires no configuration.

Why we made it?

This has been developed mostly as a post-covid feature. But at the same time, this solves a long time issue where it is very complicated for our clients to use QR-code sharing as this was requiring self hosting with ftp transfer and website development.

Where to find it?

There are two ways of using the touchless share module.
  1. From a browser: the new /share page (accessible from the web-menu) shows the last X shots (first one always on the top-right corner). From there, your participants simply have to scan the QR code using their smartphone, and that is going to open a sharing form in a mobile browser.
  1. From the dashboard: there is also an option to show this module directly from the dashboard. To activate this, go in the Settings / Dashboard and check the "share" module.
In both cases, you have access to a couple of options (from Settings / Sharing)
  • By default, we show the last 4 shots (top right corner is the most recent). You can change that value to fit your current event
  • The QR code can be placed on the right side or inside the media.
  • The preview can be either the delivery output (mp4), or the thumbnail image. Displaying the thumbnail is much less heavy for your computer.
notion image

How to configure the form?

Custom fields
As usual, you can create your custom fields and agreement checkboxes. This is going to follow on the mobile form and on the usual sharing form.
notion image
Form colors
From the dashboard, you can change the colors of the form by going in the UI (user interface) panel (Scroll at the bottom of this module)

Additional details

  • There's no configuration required to use this module. Simply open the /share form and you're good to go. You need to keep that page open to keep the module alive.
  • The QR code is clickable to directly share from the tablet where it is running (in case your participant is unable to scan the code)
  • An internet connection is required at all time.
  • We don't store any data on the relay server.
  • The emails are still being sent from your local server (the software that you are running locally). That means that the media should be shared before you close the software