Sudden issues

This document is about the issues that can happen during an event (when everything was working perfectly then suddenly things start to go wrong or slower)
  • Processing fails after a shot is taken
    • Check if your hard disk has enough space
    • In worst cases, if the queue gets corrupted, you'll need to start from scratch. Please backup everything first and then perform a factory reset
  • Cameras disconnect after a shot is taken
    • This is very likely to happen when the power is not sufficient. When the cameras are all triggering at the same time, a power peak happens and can have the effect of disconnecting the cameras. Try to disconnect everything that is not necessary and/or move some elements to a different power drop
  • Emails stop being sent
    • Check your internet connection
    • Check your SMTP provider. Most cases we get reported are from users who are using Gmail as their SMTP provider (we explicitly advise against doing that in the software). What happens here is that everything goes well during the tests, but then after a few dozens of email deliveries, gmail blocks the account (they don't allow their service to be used for mass mailing). Even when using Sendgrid, this may happen if Sendgrid blocks you. In these cases, you need to log on their website to see your account status.
  • Everything becomes slower after a few hours of shooting
    • This happens a lot when shooting on "thinner" computers like Surface Pro or the likes. These computers tend to throttle down the CPU when too many things are going on at the same time, which results in high performance drop. For intensive nights of bullet-time, we recommend using gaming laptops or to clear the pictures folder when you go above 100 sets of images taken