RAW vs JPG for studio work

For any studio work using a multiple-camera rig, using RAW mode in the cameras is going to give you a better end result but it is going to substantially increase the editing time. Choose what works best for your project. This is my workflow for JPG vs RAW for video projects using Adobe Premiere and 176 cameras.
  • Create new bin (ctrl-b), paste the folder name from the Xangle source folder
  • Drop 176 jpgs from Windows Explorer to Adobe Premiere
  • Right click on frame one, "create new sequence from clip" -> this is going to create a sequence that is the same resolution of your jpg
  • Select all, speed/duration, set to one frame duration
  • Select all, nest
  • Do the color grading on the nested sequence, export as a mp4 at full resolution
  • Make sure you are running Xangle in Studio mode (Settings / Studio)
  • Open the shot in the Library module and click on the "folder icon" (reveal in Explorer)
  • Import the RAW folder into Lightroom Classic
  • Do the color grading on one frame, sync to all
  • Export as maximum jpg quality/resolution in a /export folder inside the Xangle source folder (/999999-999999/raw/export). From there, you'll get your non-calibrated files with the color grading
  • Go back to Xangle, still in the Library module with the shot open and hit CTRL-SHIFT-L. This is going to re-calibrate your jpg files and put them inside /aligned
  • The JPG output resolution is directly linked to what you have selected on the dashboard / Output. To get max quality, go in "Advanced" and check "Preserve max quality for aligned jpg".
Please note that you can always open a set of folders from another location by using the "f" key shortcut