Projection (HDMI) - beta

Starting from v23.08.11, you can project patterns in a “multiple” sequence. This is typically used in a dual shot on a photogrammetry capture, where the second shot is a projection onto your subject to enhance the geometry on a complicated texture.
This is from a beta version and should be use as-is. We’re going to improve this module over the next weeks.
How to configure:
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8091/groups
  1. Create a new Projection group (in “Other devices”)
    1. notion image
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8091/projection
  1. Upload your pattern
    1. notion image
How to use:
  1. Navigate to the Xangle Dashboard
  1. Change the trigger mode to Multiple / 2 iterations
  1. Scroll down to expand the “Presets” panel
  1. Assign your pattern to your second iteration
    1. notion image
  • You can automate the camera settings changes between the two iterations. To do so, create a camera-settings presets from the dashboard, then follow the instructions above to assign that preset to the second iteration.
    • notion image
  • The first iteration is using the current settings