Picam v3 support

April 21th, 2023 - This document explains how to use the new Picam v3 with a beamed patern via a projector (hdmi).
  • Raspberry pi 3b+ / 4
  • Xangle client version (in status page) should display 9.0.0 or newer
  • XangleCS 2023-04-21 or newer
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Projector Mode (Beta)
1- Enable experimental projector mode in the advanced settings:
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2- On the dashboard, click on the trigger mode and choose "Projector"
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* If you need to change the image you want to project, make sure it's a 24 bit RGB bitmap (bmp) image and save this image as "projector.bmp" in the src/client/assets/images folder of your xangleCS install
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3- Plug an HDMI display on any of the raspberry pi with a picam connected to XangleCS and reboot it. The picam is required to get the sync signal for the HDMI output.
4- If you have some LED lights, make sure the associated pi registers with xangle (in status page). These pis (with LEDS) do not require a picam connected.
5- Once everything is connected, Press AND HOLD the trigger button on the dashboardThe projector.bmp image and the configured LEDS should be displayed as long as you hold the button.
6- Release the trigger button, 2x images will be captured in quick succession. The first image should capture the projected bmp and leds, the second will be without projection and the second light configuration.
LED and projector configuration
Some of the projector mode configurations are only accessible via the server_settings.json file. It is located by default in %userprofile%\xanglecs\config folder. If you already used xangle before, you should do a factory reset to have the projector settings reset to default. You can edit the following section of the settings (enforcing json syntax):
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  • min_shot_delay: (in ms) accessible via the dashboard. Defines how long we wait between the 2 shots.
  • gpio_delay: (in ms) the delay before we switch the gpio configuration after the trigger signal (compensate the "trigger lag")
  • clear_screen_delay (not used atm)
  • shot_1/2 .mapping defines the gpio_configuration for each shot, what gpio to trigger and what signal to send. GPIOS in xangleOS use the default rasperry pi OS GPIO pinout configuration. If you need to change it, you can edit the config.txt file in the boot partition of the SD card.
  • if you use different models of the same picam you can create an alias in the advanced settings and they will be grouped together. For example: imx708;imx708_wide  to group  picam 3 and picam 3 wide:
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