OLAT - One light at a time

Here's the procedure to capture your subject using a multi-camera rig in a OLAT (one light at a time) sequence.
As a reference, we're going to use this configuration as a base point
  • 110 cameras
  • 6 Godox MS300 lights pointing inwards - each one connected to one port (wired) on the XangleBoard
  • 4 Godox MS300 lights pointing outwards (bouncing) - all paired to one Godox X2T-C transmiter
  • 1 Godox X2T-C connected (wired) to one port on the XangleBoard
  • 7 iterations (one for each inwards lights and then one shot with all outwards lights)
Video preview
  1. From Xangle, change the trigger mode to "Burst" and Image quality to JPG
  1. Start with a shutter speed of 1/4 seconds. Your shutter speed is going to set the burst rate
  1. Using the Xangle Board, connect a cable from each output to each of your strobes (audio cable)
  1. From Xangle, go in the Status panel, locate the XangleBoard icons, and set the delay in the right order. The timing should be calculated in relation to your shutter speed. If you are at 1/4s (250ms), then you will want to set the delay of your first list at 125ms (half way during the first exposure). Then the delay of the second light should be 250ms (shutter speed) + 125ms (half way) = 375ms)
    1. Delay light #1 = 125ms
    2. Delay light #2 = 375ms
    3. Delay light #3 = 625ms
    4. Delay light #4 = 875ms
    5. Delay light #5 = 1125ms
    6. Delay light #6 = 1375ms
    7. Delay X2T-C = 1625ms