Neopixels LED strips installation guide

11 LED strips of 210 pixels each + a panel on top (made out of left-overs of the same neopixels model)
11 LED strips of 210 pixels each + a panel on top (made out of left-overs of the same neopixels model)
This document is going to guide you with the  hardware and software to operate Neopixels LED strips through Xangle Camera Server.


  • Xangle Camera Server v21.06.03+
  • Raspberry Pi 3b, 3b+ or 4b
  • Xangle Pi image v8.1.0+ (microSD card inside the Pi)
  • Client version 6.0.3+ (click on "update all clients" from the status page)
  • Any Neopixels led strips from Adafruit

Instructions - hardware

  1. Install the XangleBoard (pi hat) on top of the Raspberry Pi (GPIOs)
  1. Connect the LED strip cables to the board as demonstrated below:
    1. notion image
notion image
  1. Connect the power cable to your power adapter
  1. Power up your pi the usual way (usb cable)

Instructions: software

  1. Launch Xangle Camera Server
  1. Go in the status panel and make sure you see your Raspberry Pi (top-right corner menu / Status). Create a new group and assign your pi to that group.
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8091/lights on a browser on the computer where Xangle is running (or use the provided ip address to load it from a different computer
  1. Set the number of pixels you need to be activated
  1. Turn on your newly created group (green button)

Additional details

  • The master on/off toggle can be activated also from the dashboard ("L" key) or from a power point presenter.
  • Presets can be created for various light patterns
  • At trigger time, a different preset can be activated and is going to last for the whole duration time. If you need to delay the perset change, you can increase the value in Advanced settings / Trigger warmup delay.


  1. Changing colors, changing presets:
  1. Changing preset at trigger time:
  1. Turning off all lights at trigger time:
  1. Animating everything using image files:


  • Q: Do I still need to power my Raspberry Pi using a usb cable?A: Yes. The power cable on the board is used for the LED strip only
  • Q: How many individual leds can I power using a single board?A: About 105 RGBW leds with a (to be completed) power adapter
  • Q: Can I connect cameras on the Raspberry Pi where I'm using the Xangle board?A: Yes, absolutely!