Keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts to help you speed up your navigation inside Xangle Camera Server:
  • ctrl-1, 2, 3: navigate the panels in the dashboard
  • ctrl-shift-d: open console / debug panel
  • b: trigger
  • d: dimmer toggle
  • l: master lights on/off switch (requires the XangleBoard)
  • tab: full-screen
Player & library
  • ctrl-shift-k: reprocess video (great when you're testing your watermark, overlays, resolutions or ratios)
  • ctrl-shift-l: recalibrate from raw/export files (lightroom export)
  • delete: archive the current shot
  • e: open file explorer at the right folder
  • l: jump to the latest shot.
  • f: open folder from an external location (for browsing only)
  • n: add a note
  • t: toggle from photo to video
  • i: toggle the info panel (none, black background, white background)
  • g: go to specific frame (picture mode)
  • r: rotate frame (persistent)
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0: set rating
  • tab: full-screen
  • left / right arrow keys: navigate between the shots.
  • top / down arrow keys: navigate between the individual frames of a single dataset
  • ctrl-top / ctrl-down arrow keys: navigate between iterations of a single dataset
  • escape: close current shot (return to grid view)
  • shift-r: read exif data (from the RAW files only) to automatically set orientation. Upside down images don’t read correctly on some camera model (information not provided by the cameras)
  • left and right arrow keys: navigate from one camera to the other
  • top and bottom arrow keys: focus from front to back.