Handling multiple camera configurations on one single computer

There are two ways to achieve this
  1. Create multiple camera ordering configurations. You can do this by clicking on the camera icon at the top-right of the dashboard. Then simply follow the numbering procedure twice. Let’s say you have a head-scan and a full-body-scan, start with the-head scan, turn on all cameras, confirm the numbering. Then turn off everything and do the same for the full-body-scan. Give a proper name so it’s easier to switch from one station to another
  1. In some cases, it is preferable to not mix any files at all (including the pictures). You can create two totally distinct configurations by going in the console (top-right-corner menu or ctrl-shift-d). The default configuration is located in c:\users\your-user-name\xangleCS. What you could do is to create two folders like /XangleHead and /XangleBody. This way, all camera settings, all images, all numbering files are totally isolated