Green screen / chromakey

How to get started with green-screen in Xangle?

Video preview
  1. Upload a background image (or a full background set of images) by using the "Assets" panel
  1. Install your green background (or blue background if you prefer!)
  1. Make sure that the light is as even as possible (avoid wrinkles, hot spots, dark areas, dirty clothes hanging around)
  1. Open the Chromakey module in Xangle and click on "Get new picture from camera". This is going to take a reference picture.
notion image
  1. Click in the reference image in the green area (color picker). You're going to see the updated keyed image in real-time on the right part of the screen.
  1. If needed, adjust the low and high threshold sliders to increase or decrease the tolerance for the selected color to be removed from the image.
  1. Optional: use the "crop" tab to virtually extend your green backdrop
  1. Optional: use the "scale" tab to make your subject appear smaller (to put it in a larger scene)
Additional notes
  • To turn on and off the chromakey processing, simply deselect the background (click on "none")

Scale and crop

In so many cases, we're stuck with a physical backdrop that is too small and this results in parts of the background that are not removed or a subject that is too big in the frame. This section is meant to fix both problems
Let's say your original looks like this:
Image 1: physical backdrop too small for the actual framing
Instead of fighting to stretch your physical backdrop on the left, top and right part, you can use the "expand" boxes to ignore these areas.
Image 2: chromakey crop on left, top and right sides
Image 3: background replacement after crop
But our subjects are still too large in the frame (also caused by our backdrop being too small). To fix this, use the "zoom-out" box to make the inner part smaller (what's left after green-screen removal). In the following example, I reduced the subjects by 60% on all sides to leave more headspace
Image 4: subject zoom-out
For tips and tricks about properly setting up your lights for a green screen, check out this video: