Freezing a fast moving subject

The main thing I wanted to do with this demo was to perform a real 3d-scan with a dancer in motion, which involved flashlight at the right time (Kim handled this through the audio cue)
But also, I felt like my previous demo was not clear enough with the light workflow. By slowing everything down to 1/8 of the regular speed, I felt like it would make it easier to understand what's happening behind the curtains. Things are going in this order:
  1. constant white LEDs are on (ambient lights)
  1. trigger signal is requested (from my finger bluetooth presenter... I'm right outside of the framing)
  1. LEDs turn to rainbow and audio cues start (3 seconds countdown)
  1. exposure starts on all cameras (1/40s)
  1. exactly half way during the exposure time, 4 strobes are fired (1/1600s), freezing perfectly the dancer
  1. constant white LEDs are back on
This is all automated with a single click of a button using Xangle Camera Server. Sweet!
Video preview