Factory Reset

A factory reset brings you back to the default settings and removes all user created files (your pictures, assets, videos). Reinstalling the software or installing a new version doesn't do anything with these files.

Method 1 - from the software

From the top-right-corner menu, click on "Troubleshoot" and select the items you wish to reset
notion image

Method 2 - Create a new Working Directory

By creating a new Working Directory, you’re going to start with a fresh new set of files (settings, calibration, ordering, images/videos)

Method 3 - from the Windows Explorer

This is the preferred method if the software doesn't launch or if you are upgrading from a version that dates from 2019 or earlier.
The user files are located in c:\users\your-user-name\xangleCs
In the example below, my username is ROG3
notion image
To do a factory reset, you simply need to delete this folder. I usually suggest to keep a backup of these files in case you need to bring back the camera ordering files, the assets or the calibration files
  1. Close Xangle (or Virtual.ink)
  1. Rename the folder from XangleCs to XangleCs_backup
  1. Launch Xangle
This is going to create a whole new set of files with the default values