Custom playback sequences

I eventually got tired of the back-and-forth playback and thought that it would be nice to have a way to automate something different, just as I'm usually doing in Adobe Premiere.
Say hello to the new "Custom playback sequences"! Using this new module, you can set the exact playback sequence frame by frame. For this example, we're using 12 cameras @ 24fps , and the custom playback sequence is this:
  • each number represents the camera number and its position in time
  • 0 = blank frame (to create the flickering at the beginning)
  • the first line is the blinking part from black to camera 1
  • second and third lines are simple movement from camera one to twelve
  • fourth line repeats each frame twice to slow down the animation, and it goes from the end to the beginning of the animation (from camera 11 to camera 1).
  • notice that I start and end the whole sequence with camera one so it loops well
Here's the result:
You can create your own custom playback sequences from the settings menu.