Batch Pi-cloner

Flash multiple Micro-sd cards straight from Xangle! The batch cloner is the way to go if you have many Raspberry Pis on your system.
  • Xangle Camera Server - latest version (v21.03.20+)
  • One Raspberry Pi with an up-to-date Xangle client
  • Flash multiple cards at the same time
  • Audio signal at the end of the process
  • Automatically wipes previously created partitions
  • From Xangle, go in Status, locate your Pi, click on More / Start cloner (you can also create multiple cloners)
notion image
notion image
  • Using a usb hub, insert your micro-sd cards (you might need micro-sd to sd card adapters)
notion image
  • The cards are going to start to be cloned as soon as they are detected. Warning: this removes everything on the card, including any previously created partitions
notion image
Once you reach 100%, the card is ready to inserted directly the the Raspberry Pi Micro-sd card slot.