The player (replay) module can be accessed straight from the software (2nd tab), but I know that this is not why you are here for. In a real live event, you'll want to display your replay on various devices more or less close to the main server. Here are a few options to get you there.

Whatever the method you're going to chose, you're very likely to use a web browser to display the replay. To go there, click on the earth icon (top right corner) and click on "Player". From that screen, you're always going to see the latest shot.

Looping across videos

[Tip: to loop through your latest shots (instead of being stuck on only one), use ?loop=X at the end of the url. For example, is going to show you the 10 latest shot (automatically updated). You can also add the "random" parameter to play a randomized number of items: ]

Frame preview

Instead of waiting for the video to be completed, you can show a preview frame. Navigate to this url: http://localhost:8091/player?frame=1 and change the frame number to the camera you want to see as your preview one. Check out the demo on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRVImYiuvYM

These are a couple of different ways we've been using the replay over the years: